Bare – definition:

not clothed or covered.

without addition; basic and simple.

Let’s face it, we all love our bodies to be clothed especially if it’s something nice and stylish and very becoming. On the other hand, there are times we also love to be clothed in our old worn out comfortable blue jeans and flannel shirt that our loved ones feel should be thrown away. Believe it or not, the thought behind this post is not actually about clothes but about us and really bare(ing) ourselves and who we are as we continue the journey to propel our dreams.

If we are truly honest we may be able to acknowledge who we say we are, who we think others say we are, and how we want people to actually see us. Should we be able to do this, we may begin to take off some layers and get down to the naked truth.

Does the very thought of being bare, naked and exposed make you feel uncomfortable?

It’s ironic that we prefer the expensive designer outfits and accessories, the glass of wine and classy surroundings that provide us with the sense of our accomplishments. But when we want to be comfortable, we find the old jeans, grab our comfy pillow and jump into the old recliner with a frosty beverage.

Let’s face it. Stuff, status, and style should NEVER define us but in reality, it can and does. It creeps in and starts to have a powerful voice, so be careful. By no means am I saying that having nice things is not a good goal or fun to achieve because I am not? I am simply saying that the stuff and accomplishments may not continue or always define who you are.

Hey, you may have been the high school star quarterback that threw the winning touch down. Now you are mid-life, out of shape with a 30-pound beer belly and still talking about that one moment of fame. Well, that day has come and gone. So I ask you, what is on the docket for tomorrow? What are you doing that is purposed for today? Do you have a vision for tomorrow? Do you have a vision for the future? But more importantly, who is on this journey with you?

I am so blessed to be a part of a men’s group that challenges me to keep pushing for new goals and visions. They are the ones who ask me the tough questions and provide honest input. Who is it that I say I am and how others perceive me to be. Hopefully somewhere in between those two places lies the glimmering truth.

If you can’t come up with a response then I challenge you to get alone and try to figure it out by stripping down the layers.

I actually felt the need to do this recently and realized the layers I didn’t like were stemmed from pride, self-centeredness, and insecurity. Yuck, I hate it when these three rear their ugly heads because these qualities can quickly derail anyone from their dreams.

The good news is when personally realizing this I decided to strip down and get naked and slowly put back on the comfortable blue jeans and clothe myself in selflessness, giving and confidence in my faith as my anchor because this is who I think I am and want others to perceive I am.

As 2018 is underway, let’s do a little regrouping. Try asking yourself some tough questions or better yet ask a friend and or a spouse. It’s not easy but maybe it is time to be exposed so you can start back and begin the first day of the rest of your new life.

Be like the tree in the picture for I am sure come spring new leaves will form and it will be beautiful once again. And so will you!

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