Tug – definition

to struggle in opposition, to exert oneself laboriously also short for tugboat (: a strongly built powerful boat used for towing and pushing)

Happy New Year Y’all that’s what they say in the south. Well, 2019 is here whether your ready or not, but l hope you’re ready cause your dreams require massive action so let’s not delay.

This morning weather permitted my family and I to trek out to the beach for our traditional New Year’s day walk along the ocean. It was time to carve out in the sand the new number for the year and to take a few photos.  It was also a time to walk a bit and reflect on the past year and discuss our hopes and dreams for the days ahead in the new year.


As we walked out onto the beach I couldn’t help but notice a huge boat, very close to the shore, working hard pumping fresh sand from the ocean bottom.  The sand travelled through a long rusty pipe and then onto the shoreline.   Off to the huge boat’s starboard side was a little workhorse tugboat connected to a mooring ball.

I pulled my phone out and took a photo and thought it was interesting  Throughout the day I reflected and trying to get this new year off to a positive swing, I thought more about this tugboat.

As the New Year begins we are off to the races and many of us are eager to get working towards what we are building or are about to build. Like the big boat pumping sand to replenish the beach on day one of the new years, many of us are very busy setting out on our own concerns.

Maybe you’re looking to resolve issues like eating better, exercising more or spending less. But Just as this mighty vessel is working hard to solve beach erosion the waves are crashing in and taking that sand back out to sea and the harsh reality is … so will life.  All the good and positive strides you are taking will eventually be impacted by a wave of some sort of negativity crashing in.  This may happen sooner than you wanted this very New Years Day.

If you’re like me you may already feel you blew it on day one.  Your diet ended when your neighbor happened to show up with an amazing cake that you just couldn’t say no to since it would be rude. The spirit was willing but the deliciousness and manners won over on day one.

The truth is that you will have waves, things that won’t go right and issues you have no control over.  Even the situations you do have control over, you may chose poorly or allow delicious and manners win.  The point is that I promise you there will be waves that create problems or trouble!

If you are fortunate and you are investing wisely in those are around you, you too might just be lucky to have a Tugboat.  Your little boat “Tug” will be there and come alongside and push you when you need to be.  A tug is designed to exert energy and power into you to help you when the wave comes crashing in.

We need to have a Tug in the form of a Mentor who may be a family member or friend to tow us or push us.  It’s critical for us all to succeed at our missions and goals. As one of my Mentors said:  “Isolation is the enemy of excellence”. We are not meant to go it alone.

As the mighty vessel is out there working to pump sand back onto the beach, you and I are out there as well. We have a job to do , a purpose to fulfill and dreams to propel.   Even if it only lasts for a short time, we must not give up.  We need to fulfill that one epic significant thing that only you or I can do, or that we are called to do.  This is such a time (2019).

The sand that is pumped today onto the shore will most certainly be pulled back to the ocean floor.  But for now there is sand enough for my family to walk upon as we talk,  smile, hope, dream and to love the time we had together.


I encourage you this day to stay the course and make sure that you celebrate the mentors in your life.  Step out and be the mentor and friend in others live.  Work to be more intentional with being that tugboat in their life so that they too may get to fulfill their their purpose or dreams.

Here’s to a great 2019 and never give up just keep on trying!


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