The Adirondack Forty-Sixers often referred to as the 46rs, is an organization of hikers who have climbed all 46 of the traditionally recognized high peaks of the Adirondack Mountains.

When we are in pursuit of our dreams, we must remember to make time to reconnect, make time to rekindle friendships & reflect with old friends who have been significant in our lives.

This past spring was my opportunity to get away for a guy’s bachelor weekend party in the Adirondacks. It also was an opportunity to reconnect with my old friend Sean Carpenter, who owns Mercy Cabin  in Keene NY where the party was held.

I arrived a day earlier than the others and Sean met me at the airport. Sean and I go back 25years! That’s a quarter of a century of friendship! When I think of it in years, I just have to think WOW!

This weekend was extra special because of Devin, our mutual friend and the groom, had time to hang with close friends before he walked down the aisle and became a married man.

Sean was very excited to host this special weekend and also to showcase his newly purchased MERCY CABIN. More importantly though was for him to share his passion and love of all that encompasses the great outdoors.

As I jumped into Sean’s car we immediately picked up from where we left off. It’s as if time stood still and the years and distance had not affected either us or our friendship and that’s very special and in my life very significant.

I was now in Sean’s territory of the Adirondacks and I might add that Sean has become an avid hiker and in his own right has become one of the coveted 46rs. He has a fantastic blog where he writes all about his adventurous hikes. The amazing photos he captures during his hikes are included in his blog and I think they are superb!

It wasn’t long after my arrival at Mercy Cabin that Sean was suiting me up with boots and spikes to go on my first hike to a couple of the 46rs.

The hike was exciting and I couldn’t believe that I actually was able to do it. I kept moving the entire time. I thought the climb up was going to be the most difficult part but in reality, I discovered that it was harder hiking down. I used muscles that I haven’t used in a long time since living in Florida doesn’t provide much in the way of hills or steep inclines.

During our hike the weather was amazing and it was so very quiet in the woods. We worked our way up, down, and around trees, rocks and slippery spots. There were a few places we had to put our spikes on in order to gain extra traction as we walked on packed snow that became what I learned was called an ice spine. And all during our climb, Sean and I engaged in conversation and dug into a variety of topics.

Even as I tried to focus on the terrain ahead, I was still able to be active in our back and forth conversation that ranged from sharing our life’s experiences and the wealth of knowledge that we have accumulated throughout the years. We also shared resources and valued connections we have made and we covered overall current goals and our future goals, and how we have accountability. We also took the time to received constructive advice and offer praise of many accomplishments.

As I write this I think about how we climb through life to propel our dreams. The terrain of life is never a flat surface with a checkered flag just in the distance. It is more like one of the many mountains that make up the 46rs. You realize you must climb one mountain at a time. Each mountain will have its own unique twists and turns and each will have its own Summit experience.

But just like the joy in reaching the summit, you can’t always stay at the peak. There will be a time when you need to descend back down to the level ground in order suit up and get ready to go up a different mountain. Each mountain will probably have its own unique twists and turns and provide a different summit experience.

As we are all on our “hike” or “trail” climbing the mountains in our lives, we should be walking with others who will share their experiences. We need those who will provide wisdom from being on similar, as well as different trails, to advise us of what to look out for and what to expect. We need mentors, a trusted friend or family member to give us a little kick in the butt to hold us accountable to our dreams and goals. We need someone to remind us of what is really valuable in our lives and to always get back to and hold onto our core values and what is truly valuable.

This was one of the very best bachelors get away party that included 3rs (Reconnect, Reflect, & Rekindle). I left Mercy Cabin, Keene NY being Recharged and Rejuvenated and with only 44 more mountains to climb before I am part of the 46rs.


To plan your own Adirondack Adventure you can look into booking MERCY Cabin here*

Lastly, check out this video from our hike to give you a little taste of all the twists and turns! Enjoy your own climb! The joy is in the journey they say!


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