Man’s Man

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Man’s Man: a man noted or admired for traditionally masculine interests and activities
A man whose personality is such that is as popular and at ease, or more so, with other men than women.
He-Man: A well-built, muscular man, especially one who is ostentatiously so

Butch is not a blood relative but you wouldn’t know it by the way he’s been in my life.  Ever since I can remember I have been looking up to him and hanging out with my Uncle Butch.  I always thought he was bigger than life and I had never really met anyone quite like him.


You see, my Uncle Butch is a He-Man or what other’s would say is a Man’s Man. Let me try and explain why I feel this way. Butch was sporting a beard way before it became trendy by the Duck Dynasty crew. His choice of wardrobe was routinely cut off jean shorts, which were worn year round. Even during blizzard conditions, Butch would show up in cut-offs.

His work ethic put many a man to shame. He owned his business and he’d be up early & home late. He certainly had a thing for motors as well and there were always motorized items everywhere. He also had cool garages, pole buildings and shops to get lost in. Within these buildings, he had car lifts and had some very “fast” cars that were stacked throughout. This was just something you never saw in my neck of the woods.

In his spare time, he was always building onto some existing building or constructing something new, unique, bigger and better.
If my Uncle Butch is starting to sound like the most interesting man (Dos Equis) you may just be right!

When I think about Butch, I simply smile and it’s not because of the traits he had as a man’s man. It’s simply because of the many fond memories that were created beginning at about 18 months until I moved away in my early 20’s. He was part of my so-called formative years. I say formative because as indicated in previous posts, it’s the people in your life that help propel you towards your dreams. They are essential and a critical factor in your journey. You need to be aware of exactly who these people are and what they have done for you. By doing so, you can celebrate them for their each and every contribution. As I look back and remember my “formative” years I acknowledge that Butch contributed much!

Butch was my earliest example of an entrepreneur. He owned the coolest Concrete Company in Maryland. His cement trucks were red, white and blue and therefore always having a revolving flag on them. You certainly can’t get any more American, masculine or uniquely designed than that, or can you? Just when you think Butch had run out of unique ideas, he decided to build a new house and of course it couldn’t be just any house. Butch decided to build a castle. We’ve all heard that saying … A Man’s Home is His Castle and that’s what Butch built.


Although Butch always drove a pickup truck he surrounded himself with many unique items. His car of choice was a 34 Ford Street Rod with a tag that said 34 TUFF and I could barely see past the wheely bars and parachute. He was a collector and had a huge and amazing game room of animal mounts. Now he never hunted these rare and unique animals but he had a love for the wild and loved to be surrounded by them. I might add that the game room was larger than the church I attended. Have I painted the picture yet of coolness?



Well, even though Butch had a multitude of cool things; the things really didn’t define him for me. When I think of Butch, I think of the times we spent together and the traditions we shared throughout the many years. Some traditions would continue year after year and some would be short lived. But no matter what we were doing or where we were going … We WERE HAVING FUN!

I have so many stories that I could share but I am going to stick to just a few. I am thankful for my Uncle Butch because when I was young he took me with him as he delivered concrete in his big red, white and blue American flag truck. He would even let me steer that monster of a truck.

He invited me on many adventures such as going to look for cars, trucks, and animals for his collection. Sometimes it would be just heading to the mall for strawberry topped Dunkin Donuts or going to a softball or volleyball game. Then there was street rod meets, snowmobiling, four wheeling, trampolining and even working with him as he built his Castle. We did so much that I most certainly have left many things out. However, the POINT is that he included me in just about everything from a young boy to being a young man. And throughout the years that were filled with adventures, I willingly soaked it all up. I loved every activity and always looked forward to connecting more with Butch.

As a grown man I am only beginning to look back and see how much Butch helped shape me and enable me to reach past self-limiting beliefs. Butch actually showed me all the possibilities but more importantly, he showed me that no matter how busy he was with work, he made time to play and invest in a relationship with me and include me.

As the years pass by I grow more and more thankful for him each and every day. For I now have my young son running beside me and soaking up the adventures and making memories. I know that I’m aware of the importance of paying it forward because I know what an influence an adult can have on someone’s life.

I just want to take this opportunity to say Thanks, Butch! You set an example of what a Man’s Man is, what hard work can accomplish, how to have fun and laugh and enjoy each day and not be afraid to step out and be unique. I am glad I was able to have much joy in “doing life” with you.FullSizeRender.jpg

And as for the fast cars and car lifts that allow you to stack upon each other; WELL THAT’S PROBABLY BEEN PASSED DOWN TO ME AS WELL!25D85763-3E2A-4B09-A042-8D52648A39BD.full.jpg


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