Fun & Adventure



ad·ven·ture (noun) unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

fun (noun)  1. 
enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure.

A couple weeks ago I spent one of the best times in the woods with my son Parker and the Tiger Cub Scout Pack.  Parker is 6 years old and it is difficult to describe how he was so excited to begin this weekend of fun as well as what seemed to him as an amazing adventure.

Parker and I had camped overnight at a local site once but this was a “real” camping trip for to him because it was far from home.

Upon arriving at the camp site he and his friends were buzzing around playing in the woods and ready to try just about anything new. We did all that you would expect when camping. We fished, hiked, built a fire and went canoeing. It was a lot of fun and believe it or not, it actually pushed me beyond my comfort zone.

I must continually remember and reiterate that as we are on our journeys to propel our dreams, we MUST incorporate a time to play and have fun. There is a famous saying that we all know which states “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”   Quite simply it means that without time away from work, a person may become both bored and boring.

My Dad would often say to me “Phil, as hard as you work at work, that’s how hard you need to work at play”. Maintaining a balance is key.

I must admit I haven’t always been great at balancing. Taking time out to play has been difficult for me to do for the last several years because I have been a hard charger as I pursued a successful business career. Of course the responsibility of working for corporate America as well as beginning my own business was all consuming.

The addition of two children opened my eyes to having intentional and dedicated time with them. If you don’t set aside time, it will escape you like sand in an hourglass.

I am here to tell you that doing this is well worth it. The memories you create will be sweet and everlasting.   Know that the clock isn’t slowing down and portion of your dreams should include having fun and sharing adventures with new friends and loved ones. You may be surprised that you are also gaining new experiences along the way.

Remember I said to get out of the comfort zone. Pinch yourself if you have to think back in order to recall when you tried something new or you failed to do something different.

I am advising you to GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. GET UNCOMFORTABLE. Truly, this is when the magic happens. It’s called adventure and fun.

As we head into the craziness of the holiday seasons, I want to encourage you to be intentional with your time with your family and be present. Your presence is the best present of all.


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