Happy Fall Y’all!   Recently as I was walking through the pumpkin patch, I saw a lone windmill in the distance. Not quite certain why it caught my eye, but I took a photo of it.  I think it made me think about the word direction, because the windmill goes in whatever direction the wind is blowing. Why is it that many of us while trying to pursue our dreams lack direction, go this way and that and lack a clear course to move toward?

I have pondered such questions many times and struggle with it myself. I often have thought that the answer lies in sitting still and writing down all of my thoughts. But then again, maybe I need to take the time and go sit at the feet of the masters of a particular craft that I am pursuing and soak up their wisdom.

Then there are others who have said that constant movement creates clarity.  Personally, I have yet to figure out a definite path or which path may help with a crystal clear direction. Maybe it’s a combination of all of the above.

Recently, I have been forced into stillness as I attended great conferences while soaking up knowledge and wisdom from those who have gone down similar paths. Then I’m quickly forced back into the constant movement of my life and work.

Although doing all of the above and thinking I’m on a great path, I recently hit a major road block. This is the kind that can derail any Entrepreneur … THE DREADED AUDIT.   Having to face an audit can shake the mind of anyone and test the boundaries of one’s true character. I have said to myself ” Be Positive and look for the silver lining” and for the most part I have been able to remain pretty positive. However, I will be honest with you, it’s been a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride.

I thought today that the direction of the wind moves the windmill in different directions and maybe my direction is found through all of the above. Perhaps even a roadblock may be a blessing in the journey to propel us onto one of our dreams.

Adversity may be just the thing to light the fire into getting another thing established, the one that you have been avoiding dialing into that will take you to the next level.

The road to your dream will have many twists and turns just like the windmill. Don’t stop moving when the wind isn’t blowing. During that time (when you get stuck) remember Psalm 23. This is one worth reading because it recounts going through the valley but it never says we should stop along the way. You keep moving until (well you  will need to read the ending of Psalm 23).

di·rec·tion  noun     1. a course along which someone or something moves.


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