Opportunity: a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

The word opportunity has been swirling around my mind lately and it has much to do with my recent trip to South Florida, which happened to be a whirlwind & a plethora of what I’ll call events, for lack of a better word.  With each event, there were opportunities that immediately presented themselves, connections made for future opportunities, and many reminders of past opportunities that were the ones that enabled me in more ways than one to start to propel my own dream.  (Details to follow in future blog posts)

Below is a sequence of photo’s I captured a few years ago of my son Parker.  I think they may illustrate my theory of opportunity,  that I hope will remain with you in such a way that you can implement it immediately into your life.

The first Photo of Parker is as he is walking down a little trail between the dunes and although you cannot see it, he has something in his hand which is held behind his back.


Next photo, Parker reveals a freshly picked flower.


Parker reaches his chubby little arm out to his Mommy as he gives his flower away to her.  Then the beauty occurs as he leans in for a kiss.



_MG_7758 - Version 2.jpg

This final Photo kind of speaks for itself.  Joy erupts from within and he stands there clapping his hands and grinning from ear to ear. I share this illustration because it makes me smile.


Parker was just shy of 3 years old and he was already demonstrating the recipe that creates opportunity. The circumstances allowed him to discover a gift (the flower), a gift he freely gave away and in return, he received a kiss.  The final result was a very proud moment which created sheer joy!   I might also add that his Mommy was also thrilled judging by the smile on her face.


That’s all folks!  Short & Sweet.  You all have been given a special gift which is your own unique set of skills and qualities. Make it a point to get out there and give them away to someone deserving and I promise that as you share your gifts, they will lead to abundant opportunities. _MG_7747.jpg

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