This is my very first post for so thanks for joining me in this new adventure.

The vision/mission of this site is to reflect and be intentional about the journey we are on in this thing called life.

The effort is to get to the destination or dreams that each of us holds while enjoying the journey of getting there.

The relationships and experiences we take part in each day are critical in making our way towards our destination.

As we know, a plane has a propeller on it and in the early day’s someone would actually have to stand in front of the propeller and give it a big push by hand to get it moving or started. Just as in life, there are many times each one of us needs a big push to get going.

We need to propel (prəˈpel/, verb, push, or cause to move in a particular direction, typically forward.)

A propeller’s main purpose is to assist a plane to fly, or on a boat to move through the water. Ultimately this propeller helps propel something to its next destination.

We all were made to propel but many times we need a propeller (that extra push from a family member, a friend, a mentor, a boss, or that special supernatural encounter in which the momentum gets us going.

Once the momentum begins and you are underway, the journey can be sweeter if you remain grateful for that extra push from your propeller. And that old saying pay it forward applies; don’t forget to help others and get them on their journey.

Let’s get going !

Please note: The photo’s above and below were taken at the base camp of Mt. McKinley in Alaska during the summer of 2010, it was quite awesome flying through the mountain tops and landing on a glacier. The reward was landing at this amazing spot and capturing the breathtaking view from what seemed like the top of the world. Don’t stop reaching… actually, don’t stop propelling towards your dreams.


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